My Role
I was the Creative Director/Lead product designer where I applied an iterative approach to define the brand design within product and marketing. The team collaborated, and successfully launched multiple iterations of the desktop platform with native iOS behaviors and eventually an iPhone app.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Defining the problems
Jux's initial product lacked completion rate, with a stagnant growth of 30k in memberships in its 5th year, so a pivot was needed to sustain business growth. ​​​​​​​ After observing user creations, taking inventory of online resources, user support materials, competitive research and speaking with team members, we were able to focus on identifying the core problems.
1.  Lack of inspirational or instructional content for Jux's galleries and customer-facing touch points. 
2. The barrier to entry was high for some users' strive for site completion. 
3. Users were mostly interested in the instant gratification of the fastest creating component modules.​​​​​​​
Keep it simple
Simplifying the creation workflow and limiting the customization features allowed users to create instantaneously. This construct led to the creation of "Blockquote," a "memes" inspired post with words and full-screen image background. The team iteratively designed and implemented six additional ways for users to create content: Pictures, Slideshows, Countdowns, Articles, StreetView (Google Map API) and Videos (YouTube + Vimeo).
Scalable design themes
Some of the scalable themes that support the "blockquote" visual styles were movie posters, large billboard or poster walls, editorial designs, magazine stand periodicals, bookstores, window displays, and graffiti walls. They all embodied similar visual qualities, but the editorial design element within the "magazine stand" theme offered a most scalable range for Jux's current and future offerings.
Design goals
This platform consists of minimal design elements in the UI, with a focus on promoting user-generated content. Just like browsing magazines in a bookstore, letting the title and covers guide your interest.

Simple sign up to creation workflow, allowing for a rapid content creation​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ workflow.
Tools for creation 
Collapsible and draggable tool palettes were ideal for the initial creation experience. It helped maintain the cinematic experience while minimizing obstruction of content. The tool palette offered some customization controls: font type, size, colors and background images are customizable. 
The first design problem
"Blockquotes" allowed users to post full-screen images. The results were varied and unexpected, with many using small photo in place of HD images. After seeing the results, we worked on the next iteration; Alternative layout options that allow for more natural layout options to accommodate various image sizes.
Solution: Smart layouts
The smart layout was introduced to minimize problems as content automatically populate into predetermined arrangements that reduced errors, while still providing limited customization options. We also designed a way to save design settings to allow for a faster creation process.
Marketinging campaigns + partnerships​​​​​​​
Partnerships with style bloggers, helped Jux increase user sign up globally with blogging partners in Asia, UK, Netherlands and the US. Jux provided branded content marketing opportunities for independent film studios, local retail shops, and restaurants, as they felt the platform was the right storytelling tool for their businesses.
The results​​​​​​​
Jux's membership surpassed 200,000 users within a year, with over 60,000 monthly creations and 5 million unique visits per month. The team worked endlessly building community via partnerships with content creators worldwide. The incremental changes and product improvement help solidify and grow our online community with a fiercely loyal following. In the summer of 2013 marked the end of Jux as the owner sighted, slow growth but loyal fans of Jux decided to extend the life of the product for two more years until Oct 2015. 

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