My role
Research into early childhood education with specifics on how creativity impacts early childhood development. The results helped Initiate an ideation process that defined all the underlying themes presented within the three concepts. I worked in a highly collaborative environment as a lead designer working on establishing the visual concepts and the final application of environmental graphic design and corporate design.
The challenge
To create a corporate brand design and an environmental design system, that inspire students to see and think differently and appeal to a broad age group from students, faculty, parents and stakes holders.​​​​​​​ This system needs to be scalable to appeal to maturing student as well as.​​​​​​​
Concept: Deconstruct to reconstruct
All children between 8 - 10 will start to conform with their peers as their lives become more structured and reality-based. They are less imaginative and lose their playful quality. In fact, according to researchers such as James Moran, over the course of elementary school, there is a 25% drop in what we would identify as creative attempts, a number that does not show an equal increase until the college years. 
The concept of deconstruction and reconstruction breaks apart Chinese written characters and reassembled into Chinese Zodiac such as monkey, ox, dragon. Using positive messaging help children sees the world through a new lens, igniting the students' curiosity and imagination.

Corporate design system 

Environmental design +  wayfinding system​​​​​​​
Design problem in the environment
The school building was completed and operational at the start of this project, so the existing signages had already mounted in place. The placement was the problem as they were installed close to the 15' ceiling. Given the average height of the students, 6-12 is between 4-5 feet tall. The placement is beyond the students' viewport and not ideal even for adults.
Solution: Floor maps 
Since students are closer to the ground than the ceiling, we implemented a cohesive but fun design for the wayfinding graphics. The floor maps iconography are targeted to appeal to the students in a more graphical way as some of them have not mastered the Chinese language yet.

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