The Challenge
Joyberry needed help to create a brand mark embodying a modern and active attitude that can apply on a wide range of collateral from print marketing to placements garments.​​​​​​​

Smiling "J" Concept
The smiling J visually communicates "joy" as its part of the brand promise and name. The descender of the J combined with the dot resembles a smiling face emoji, with a more youthful appeal that will keep the brand staying relevant in today's fast pace and fickle lifestyle. It's a modern design that has a tech flavor and commonly used as a way for all to express their joyful emotions. 

The simplicity of the logo is very versatile and can be used in marketing materials and collaterals to add to the visual impact. It adds a hint of quirkiness while the design of the brand adds a level of sophistication that can be scalable grow with the company.

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