The challenge
Joyberry needed help define their brand by creating a brand identity system that will appeal to the young professional women's market. The logo mark required to be flexible, simple and can apply on garments brand collateral and marketing materials.
Concept development
After concluding my brand discovery process with the client, I created a competition matrix showing the yoga landscape that included sportswear and athleisure brands. Upon further research into holistic and spiritual ideologies similar to yoga practices, I came up with three different core themes and explored multiple applications and inspirations.
Smiling "J" Concept
The smiling J communicates joy to the world as its part of the brand promise and name. The descender of the J combined with the dot resembles a smiling face emoji, with a more youthful appeal that will keep the brand staying relevant in today's fast pace and fickle lifestyle. Its a modern design that has a tech flavor and is commonly used as a way for all to express their joyful emotions. 
The simplicity of the logo is very versatile and can be used in marketing materials and collaterals to add to the visual impact. It adds a hint of quirkiness while the design of the brand adds a level of sophistication, that can be scalable grow with the company.

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